Free JC Penney Gift Cards

JCPenney Free Gift Cards

JC Penney Free Gift Cards

In these difficult ecomomic times it’s no wonder that so many people are looking every possible way to save money. With free gift cards from JCPenney, you can get any product that is sold by JCPenney.

JCPenney Survey

But are free gift cards from JCPenney really free? How can you make sure that you aren’t just giving something away without getting anything in return? If you are looking for free gift cards from JCPenney you will no doubt come across many offers. Some of them are legitimate, others are bogus. The ones that are bogus are not always so easy to spot. People just love to take other people’s money, and they tend to be good at it.

Usually you will find that when there are free offers, like those for JCPenney cards or other department store cards you will have to participate in their program in some way or another. Now this isn’t to say that you can’t come out on top. Many times their program offers you benefits that exceed the offer of the free gift card, and you end up getting the gift card for free and then saving a lot of money by using their services. Just make sure that you read the fine print and know what you are getting into first.

You can get genuinely free JC Penney gift cards, although as you might expect some “work” is required. This is usually in the form of completing various surveys and other tasks. But if expending a bit of your time doesn’t turn you off, you can find a free $1000 JC Penney gift card right here: Free $1000 JC Penney Gift Card

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  2. George Seyfarth Says:

    Just purchase some men’s wear today and wanted you to know how much I appreciate the selection and prices in the Madison West Towne Penney Store. The sales people there are very helpful and courteous. I mentioned this to Sandy who is the department supervisor and she asked if I would mind documenting it in this survey. I told her I was happy to since this department is the major source of all the men’s clothing purchased. Keep up the good work Sandy and Fran.

    George Seyfarth

  3. annsabatino Says:

    On Saturday I purchased boots at the store and wore them and imagine how angry I was on Monday when the catalog arrived and the same boots are twenty dollars cheaper. I will no longer be a Penney customer.

  4. Rosa Vazquez Says:

    En dias pasado tuve la oportunidad de visitar la tienda de plaza centro en caguas, y aunque iba con la idea de no comprar nada por la situacion economica que todos estamos pasando, el trato y la cortesia que recibi me hicieron agarrar mi tarjeta y comenzar a comprar!!!..Me encontraba en el depto. de intimas, donde no podia conseguir un sosten que pudiera satisfacer mis necesidades. De momento esta joven, llamada Maria, con una hermosa sonrisa en su cara, se aproximo ayudarme, me senti en aquellos momentos como una reina, por que ella buscaba la manera de hacerme sentir como en casa… a parte ese dia mi mama me acompanaba y ella tuvo la amabilidad de sentarla para que no permaneciera de pie, busco las comodidades del probador especial, para que asi mi madrey yo estuvieramos agusto mientras nos probabamos la ropa. personas como esta son las que deberiamos de aprender cada dia. donde la amablidad, la honradez y la dedicacion hace un cambio en nuestras vidas.

  5. Martha B. McDonald Says:

    I am a customer at Jcpenney, peope at customer service area are courteous an d very helpful when ever we ask for help. Thanks JCPenney for those good prices.


    I recently been customer of Jcpenny, and I was very pleased how Yolanda Gallardo at Shoe department was very corteous and very helpful when I ask for help on her department and any other department, she guided me. Thank you. Yolanda Keep up the good work and for being courteus and friendly, bravo!

  7. Christy Olasunkanmi Says:

    I enjoy shopping at jcpenny stores. Their prices are very moderate.

  8. Christy Olasunkanmi Says:

    I ‘s nice shopping at jcpenny

  9. sara wise Says:

    Thanks for all your help Hardeep. You provide great customer service.

  10. Maureen Says:

    Everyone is always helpful and very pleasant.Today was helped by Mary in catalog in VanMall store.

  11. Bruce Says:

    On Saturday I purchased boots at the store and wore them and imagine how angry I was on Monday when the catalog arrived and the same boots are twenty dollars cheaper. I will no longer be a Penney customer.

  12. M Thomas Says:

    Ms Stella was very helpful on Tuesday Oct20. I wish that one can encounter sales people like her when one goes shopping it would make the the day a whole lot better.

  13. mike komara Says:

    I have always found the people that work at my penny’s to be very knowledgeable about the area’s that they are working in. The stores are always very clean and the set up of the stores make it easy to find what you are looking for.

  14. gunda akers Says:

    What I like about JCPenney is that they have sophisticated clothes,jewleries,shoes,accesories,sales, but most of all I like every electronics in that building!

  15. PILAR Says:


  16. Jeff Stewart Says:

    Just purchased a new Invicta sports watch. I was very impressed with the outstanding customer focus that I recieved from Scott Reynolds,Selling Specialist in the Fine Jewelry Dept @ the Deptford,NJ. store. Scott’s product knowledge and customer service is outstanding. This impressed me to buy from JCPenney instead of other stores. I will be adding future watch purchese’s because of this professional service. Thankyou ! Scott.

  17. Deidra Przestrzelski Says:

    I was shopping with my grand-daughter in jc penney’s. I have always like jcpenney’s, since I was a child shopping with my mother. But I will be looking to see who is working for cashiers. The cashiers were rude & abrupt with my grand-daughter. I could not wait to get out of that store. I picked up my purchases and went to another cashier.

  18. Michael Fischer Says:

    We were at your Boulevard Mall store in Amherst NY today. (6/11/12) Virginia, who was working in shoes helped us at around 8 pm. She did an excellent job in taking care of us.She has great customer service skills and should be commended for her work. Thank you for asking.

  19. Donna Critchley Says:

    Sephora is a fantastic store. The service is exceptional. I would like to send a special thank you to Maria Corona manager of sephora. I shop there often for make up skin care and I mean she knows her stuff. All I have to do us tell her my concern or my issue and she has an answer and Product. I trust her and her experience and knowledge of the many products she recommends. It is easy to walk out wit a sale of min 100. -150. Dollars. Thank you Maria Corona at JC Penny Sephora Rockaway Mall NJ.

  20. Albert V Says:

    Today, I purchased one men’s boxer 4pk at the JCPENNY store in the AV Mall Palmdale, CA. The display price tag was clearly marked at $18 and in fine print below stated the price applies only if you purchase 2 or more packages. You’ll have to turn to the back of the 4pk package to read in fine print the actual cost is $25. Why can’t JCPENNY be up front and honest with its customers and mark the display tag with the actual cost of $25 and in fine print below state the price will be $18 if your purchase 2 or more packages.

  21. sue choate Says:

    i was very please with the custmersevice was very helpful for myself and kids wil be shoping ther alot

  22. Beatriz Meza (Crunk) Says:

    Had an amazing experience today in Sephora today at your Galleria Mall (JC Penney) in Henderson, NV location. Maggie (I hope that’s correct) helped me out a lot with choosing the right shades for me and Misty gave me great customer service. Along with everyone else asking me if I needed help. Probably the best Sephora experience. Thank you! I will return!

  23. lorrie Says:

    I used to love the store but since the big do over its not the same. There is not enough to choose from so I leave with nothing. Bring back the store

  24. Merrill Says:

    This is really the 3rd posting, of urs I personally
    checked out. Although I enjoy this specific one, Vertical Blinds
    “JC Penney Survey – Claim Your Free $500 Gift Card Here” the best.

    Cya ,Leo

  25. Bill Bennett Says:

    I love the mens clothing, the quality is excellent. I also buy gifts for my wife in Jewelry, the girls I work with in Morristown, Tn are excellent

  26. Susan D. Says:

    Every month or so I go to Penneys to see if things are better. I have always been able to find what I needed at Penneys, but, not now. I hope management will change the direction and go back to the way it was a few years ago. I miss it.

  27. Toni Kingsley Says:

    Associate number 0667 transaction #3298 and associate number 0045, transaction # 0012 were very cheerful, knowledgeable, and helpful to my friend and myself. They were both a good representative of Boise’s J C Pennys

  28. Randi and Jennifer Says:

    May 25, 2013
    Today my friend Jennifer broke her sandal
    During our trip to traverse city, mi. We were
    Right by the traverse mall and as it was turning
    To 9:00pm that meant the mall was closing.
    We thought that jcpenny might stay open later
    So we approached the store and a lady
    That worked there named Sue Marie told me that
    They had just closed. I said ok while explaining
    Our situation. She told me that I should come
    Back the following day, that they would be having
    Sales that day. I then told her I would but living 45
    Mins away, it would be a little harder for me to
    Get back over. She then very friendly told me
    To wait a min and went over to the cashier and
    Talked with him. She came back over to me, where
    I was waiting outside and told me that Mike ( the cashier) said we were more then welcome to come in
    And pick out a new pair of sandals. We went in and Cooper another worker showed us to the sandals and
    Was very helpful in showing up
    Different styles and prices. All of the workers
    There that night were in no rush to get us out
    And we’re very friendly. I have never run into
    Workers that helpful and friendly before, let alone
    After hours. I was so impressed on how selfless
    They were. Everybody has their own lives outside
    Of work, and for them three people to be as helpful
    And nice as they were, was amazing. The store it self
    Was very clean and the people were unbelievably
    Friendly. I will def. recommend this store
    To everyone or anyone in the area. If you needed any
    Kind of help there, ask for Sue Marie, Cooper, or Mike

  29. maxine mayes Says:

    gayle provided very good service duding my shopping visit at Fayetteville ar. she deserves ahigh five…

  30. Laura Kaufman Says:

    My teenage son and I came to the Montrose, OH store on 9/7/13 to purchase his 2nd suit from JCP. Neil provided exceptional service that I’ve only seen offered at the high end men’s stores. We left with the jacket and pants, as well as, a vest, shirt, tie and socks. His expertise should be shared with the other team members because his knowledge and salesmanship will result in JCP employees making happy customers and higher revenues for the company. Thank you Neil!

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