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WWW.TalkToJCPenney.com – How To Save Money At JCPenney With The JCPenney Survey

JCPenney, like many successful companies, takes customer feedback very seriously. So much so that JCPenney has established a site especially designed for customers to provide feedback by completing a survey. Of course, customer surveys are a time-honored way to gather market information, as well as a way to keep in touch with customers.

Green Coffee Bean at JCPenney Survey

There is also another type of survey offered by other companies unrelated to JCPenney, who nevertheless run various promotions for JCPenney products. These promotions offer a free JCPenney gift card in return for certain information, usually only an email address. In addition, customers may be required to fill in various surveys and respond to additional promotions. The big advantage of these independent offers over the JCPenney survey is that the customer is guaranteed to receive the JCPenney gift card if they complete all the requirements of the promotion. Completing the JCPenney survey only enters the customer in a draw in which they hope to win a gift card.

A perfect example of the free JCPenney gift card can be found by clicking on the link shown at the bottom of this post.

So by all means complete the JCPenney survey. You could win a $1000 JCPenney gift card, and you will be providing valuable feedback to JCPenney. But to guarantee your savings at JCPenney, complete the application for the free $1000 JCPenney gift card shown below. It’s that easy!

Free $1000 JC Penney Gift Card

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202 Responses

  1. Vernetta Ray Says:

    I love shopping at your store


    I always have a good experience in store and on line with JC PENNEY Keep up the good work and thank you!

  3. Ronald Youman Says:

    Great Service at your Rockford Ooutlet Store. Great Staff. Very helpful.

  4. Homer cole Says:


  5. Homer cole Says:




  7. Maria Says:

    My sister & I shop together, she has the receipt so I can’t do the regular survey. Sat., 06/13, we were in Penny’s in West Nyack, NY. Dyna in Shoes helped us. She was warm, courteous & very knowlegible. Helping at times 2 & 3 customers at once, she remained upbeat and remembered each one’s requests- right down to size & style. She was quick and efficent. I can’t remember the last time I had such good service-anywhere! Dyna is great!

  8. kathleen frank Says:

    your store is awesome, i could spend alot of $ there! And i have!

  9. G Will Says:

    Highly Satisfied

  10. Kaye Carda Says:

    Very pleasant associate.

  11. Maggie Says:

    nice cashier and quick check out

  12. judi johnson Says:

    I want to commend Lois at the Woodbury location… a great help and cheerful to all her customers. thanks lois… way to make penneys my choice for shopping.



  14. selene Says:

    i love your cloths and store

  15. Rivka Markowitz Says:

    I enjoyed my shopping experience at JC Penney very much and the service was good.

  16. Susan Russell Says:

    Store was busy because of major sales event, but I had an enjoyable day shopping.

  17. BRENDA Says:


  18. Rebecca A Phillips Says:

    I went shopping for school clothes last night after the two clerks rang me up for a total of $277.09 tehy told me I could go on line and join JCPENNYS rewards….which I was already a memeber and had off coupons I forgot to use….with out any hesitation Sandy and Melva pulled my clothes from the bag, and credited my credit card and re-rang everything splitting the order so I could use both the $15.00 and the $10.00 coupons I had….what great employees…..They were so friendly and helpfull and I really enjoyed my encounter with them. You have two Great employees!!!!Thanks
    Becky Phillip
    2810 Orange Grove Dr
    Sebring, Fl

  19. Lupe Ortiz Says:

    I like shopping at pennys when it is early and everything is neat…

  20. Barbara Grant Says:

    Nate was very attentive and I love shopping in the Montrose, Colorado store.

  21. yolanda gonzales Says:

    nice clean and cool store

  22. bob heart Says:

    i love this place

  23. regina Says:

    i love shopping at jcpenney home store

  24. Connie McKeever Says:

    I purchase 90% of my families clothing and our linens at JC Penney’s. I really like the Worthington.



  26. Alba Raudales Says:

    I love your store you are the best the prices is very good
    now my house will look like a model home, its very close from my house

    i thank you

    Alba Raudales

  27. pasty chapman Says:

    Love shoping at your store,have been for years

  28. susie wilson Says:

    shopping at jcp is always a good day and great buys good work to all


    THANKS JCPenney


    MY EXPERIENCE AT JC Peney is very much an the services de jakie perdido was very nice. thanks jackie perdido and tanks jc Penney

  31. Penny Wilkes Says:

    Jan helped me out and was very helpful- love the new store

  32. Aser Vega Says:

    I liked very much the quality of all your products, especially those of mens fashions. The discounts were good and the service of your team was excelent.

  33. Barbare VanDorn Says:

    Dennis (Assoc No. 0938) was extremly helpful with my christmas purchases. She showed alot of patience.

  34. zulaka azeez Says:

    i enjoyed shopping at jcpenny and i am looking forward to do so in the future i thank you jcpenny.

  35. Stephen Says:

    Good place for shopping…

  36. gary benoit Says:

    job well done for employee at houma louisiana store mrs. angel all about customer service

  37. lakhsmi patel Says:

    store 2746
    mrs. surinder

    she was very friendly and helpful. manners and lots.

  38. Mari Damborg Says:

    On Sunday the first of November I stopped at JC Penny to buy some mens shirts. I was so delighted with the person who was attending me. Her name is Shatha, She was extremely polite, and educated. So I congratulate JC penny on having such a extraordinary employee. :)

  39. Fernando Damborg Says:

    I am commenting on Shatha’s great work, here in Kennewick Washington. Anytime I stop at the store she is there to help me in any of my needs. It is good to know that there are employees that can really help you as this one does. :)

  40. Mari Damborg Says:

    On November 1st I came to your store so that I could buy some mens shirts. I was so pleased with the employee Shatha, she was really polite, helpful, and very educated. I congratulate JC Penny on having such a nice employee like Shatha. :)

  41. Elizabeth Says:

    It is always a pleasant experience when shoping at JCP.

  42. Robert Scott Says:

    Purchased two pair of glasses at Park Meadows. Linda Price, Optical Manager, was extremely pleasant and knowledgeable.Cost of glasses was as advertised with delivery a week to ten days. Purchased couple other items and again the staff was pleasant and the merchandise well displayed. Pleasant shopping experience. Thank You

  43. Cathy Says:

    Alesha Hutchinson is the most awesome stylist at LaCrosse Wisconsin’s store. Thanks for the wonderful service.

  44. Beleda Saziru Says:

    I Love shopping at the Glendale Galleria’s JC Penny store.





  47. Judy Danner Says:

    jcp has been my favorite place to shop for over 40 years, even after my daughter turned off the escalator and I was so embarassed I was sure I could never return to the same store.

  48. julia yepez Says:

    i love your store you have the lowest price because you send me certificates of $10 off. thats how womens shop. thank you JCpenney for everything.

  49. G Ellin Says:

    I really love this place.

  50. jillvahid Says:

    good deals at Jcp, good service, except the cashier left a security alarm on my sweater, i had to take it off at home and some weird ink stuff cameout and allover the sweater, but it washed out ok

  51. grace robbie Says:

    I was very happy with my shopping at your store. Jill S was very accomodating.


    Yolanda Gallardo at Temecula JcPenny store from the shoe department was very courteous and provided good service.

  53. erin Says:

    I love to shop at JCP

  54. wendy rivera Says:

    I was happy to by in store.

  55. John Meeler Says:

    a pleasant shoppig tripp,Sales person not kno ledge

  56. kellygirl621 Says:

    I always enjoy shopping at JCP. I normally shop online but forgot to buy a xmas gift and ran into my local store. I was greeted upon entering and offered assistance with my shopping.

  57. blanca mata Says:


  58. Sonia W Says:

    I was very happy with my shopping experience at both Roosevelfield and Manhattan Malls. The attendants were were pleasant and helpful.

  59. maritza melendez Says:

    I always go to jcp for my christmas shopping and Ilove. plus Iwent after christmas shopping and Ifelt so good we the person who was attending me she was so polite and sweet.0957

  60. Mario Hernandez Says:

    Siempre encuentro en lo que me gustaria vestir Yo y mi familia a precios muy economicos,

    Muchas Gracias



  62. Melanie Says:

    I have always loved shopping at JCPenney because I can what I need for me and my family for a great price. That is really important to me with a family of five.

  63. martha k Says:

    sandra help me in blinds and even deliver to my car, which was very nice in conway,ark.
    highly satisfied.

  64. gary newby Says:

    Christine at the Martinsburg, WV mall helped with sizing and discount information.

  65. FRED FEILER Says:

    Well I had stopped in at the Town Mall JC Penny Store jc penny #0465
    03/05/2010 Valencia Ca. to purchase some Mens Boxer Shorts and Socks.I was very happy and delighted with your sales person who was attending me. She was very helpful to me today, She was very polite, and had directed me to all of the Sales items I had requested of her. I was indeed impressed and I congratulate JC penny on having such an extraordinary and helpful employee helping me for today .

  66. Christy Olasunkanmi Says:

    I enjoying shopping at jc penny. Their staff are very accomodating.

  67. anna Says:

    there is a worker in the shoe
    department at our local j c penney’s(faye). who has always
    been frienly and helpful. i continue to shop there because
    of loyal workers like her. and
    the new manager (mr. mcdonald)
    is always on hand to help if you
    need a questioned answered.
    my store is the in laurel, ms.

  68. Sharon P Says:

    yYou always have good sles, that’s why I keep coming back.

  69. Pat Martin Says:

    Anita is a real asset to your company. I feel she went above and beyond in her assistance to me.

  70. Pat Martin Says:

    I feel Anita is a real asset to your company. She went above and beyond in assisting me.

  71. carl h. manley Says:

    Terry C. was very curtious and helpful at my shopping day . Everyone was very friendly and helpful.

  72. LAVERNE HOLT Says:


  73. Sherri Gee Says:

    Good variety of clothes. The service was great. Kahe was the cashier.

  74. sara wise Says:

    jcp should be proud to have an employee like Hardeep. She knowledgeable, helpful and sweet. Thanks Hardeep for all your Help.

  75. gwen s Says:

    Fanny in the brea store is very friendly & helpful

  76. Denise Says:

    I enjoy shoppin at Pennies it’s such a nice clean and neat store. I always get a discount whenever I shop,which always encourge me to purchase more, because ~ of the discounts. Thanks so much for the clerk at the CrossCreek Mall jcp in Fayetteville, NC name Tracey for her patience and kind words. Thank You.

  77. Michele K. Miller Says:

    I was in shopping and the girls where very helpful, I was pleased with my service.

  78. Norma Says:

    In shopping for bedroom needs I received thorough attention and assistance to find specific items by your gracious and courteous clerks. Their attitude to serve was exceptional.

  79. clement Says:

    good shooping expirience associate faz served me well.

  80. clement Says:

    good shopping expirience associate faz served me well.

  81. Jeanne Wilhite Says:

    I shop every week

  82. Nichole Says:

    The service @ the Ford City Mall was superb!! Jackie has great customer service.

  83. Brooke Says:

    I had my hair done by Jennifer Jones at the JCP salon in Quail Springs Mall in Oklahoma City. This is the absolute best hair cut I have ever had my entire life!! I am amazed at her talent for doing hair. It looks so modern and healthy (and it definitely did not before)I have recommended 4 friends to her and they look amazing also

  84. Bruce Says:

    I had my hair done by Jennifer Jones at the JCP salon in Quail Springs Mall in Oklahoma City. This is the absolute best hair cut I have ever had my entire life!! I am amazed at her talent for doing hair. It looks so modern and healthy (and it definitely did not before)I have recommended 4 friends to her and they look amazing also

  85. Abigail Says:

    good shooping expirience associate faz served me well.

  86. Bernardo Says:

    I always enjoy shopping at JCP.

  87. Terri Nestell Says:

    Just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed an associate of yours, Ms. Kwon who works in the window treatment section of JCPenny in Charlottesville, Va. She helped me to pick out a beautiful pair of kitchen curtains, plus helped me with the measurements and everything was a perfect color and fit.

  88. Doris Veno Says:

    Great store – usually find what I want – very personable cashiers and helpful

  89. stephanie frim michigan Says:

    the customer service & coupons are what keeps me coming back! back-to-school, summer/camp shopping selections & savings are awesome! personnel at jcp rewards are friendly & knowledgeable!

  90. sarahjoseph Says:

    i was very happy when i went jcpeeney for shopping

  91. Mison Says:

    I love shopping at your store

  92. Jasmine Says:

    I would like to thank to one of your associate Rabi. She’s been very helpful and kind. great job!

  93. Cathi Shim Says:

    I’ve been shopping @ JCpenny for a long time. The employees are very nice and helpful

  94. peter Says:

    soooooooooo good prize

  95. Linda Ebel Says:

    I have been getting my hair done at Penneys Salon for almost 4 years! Norma has magic fingers! She works miracles on my hair & as she says makes me sexy – which is hard to do! I can’t imagine looking for someone else! I can always find clothes for me & my hubby. Penneys has the latest looks for the BEST prices anywhere & I use to work at Macys.

  96. Veronica Adams Says:

    The associate Eulonda at the JC Penney store in Pine Bluff Arkansas was awesome very patient ,and courteous.

  97. kathy dilik Says:

    jcpenny in avon Ohio…. thank you Traci Sullivan !! not only did you make my night, you turned me on to a great product.. Murad!! thank you again for all your help and kindness…

  98. diane thompson Says:

    i want to say that Patricia R was so kind in helping us out in every way she could even going out of her way.

  99. W C M Says:

    I Enjoyed The Shopping
    Experience At JCP

  100. Dolores Bailey Says:

    Love shopping at JC Penneys. Look forward to coupons to help with my budget. Clean store, and
    great customer service.

  101. Toni Says:

    I shop at JC Penneys in Morrow, GA Southlake Mall and experience what customer service should be like at all stores. One of your clerk in the ladies department did not have any patience what so ever, I start to put back all the clothes I was about to buy. I went down to the linen section and experience customer service with Khadijah, she is a true professional. She took her time waiting on me and by doing so change my mind of the type of employees JC Penneys have in their stores. I work in the field of customer service and I know you should treat people the way you want to be treated when you go in a store and she did just that. She made me feel special as a customer in your store. She help me feel good about return as a customer. Her smile and her attitude was positive and I felt like she enjoy her work, not there just for a pay check. Kudos to Ms Khadijah, she is an example of a great customer service employee.

  102. MR.Rannis Williams Says:

    I enjoyed shopping at jcpenny because of the excellent prices and service.

  103. SHAMS Says:


  104. Nazia khan Says:

    I like shopping here and very help full worker he help me thanks mr dawit he working kids department.

  105. Jeanetta Says:

    I,really enjoy shopping at JCPenny because it’s easy to find the styles and fashion for my teen daughters.

  106. leslie staro Says:

    i came in yesterday to the Glendale galleria looking for a gift for my granddaughter, i went to the jewelery department and a young lady with red hair named lisette help me find the perfect heart shape key necklace for her that was a locket. i put a tiny picture of me and my grand daughter in the locket and when she open the locket she cryed we both had a bonding moment, i plan to shop with lisette more ofter she help make our moment special!

  107. Sabrina Jones Says:

    The service at JCPenney is excellent.

  108. amy logsdon Says:

    good service, love the clothes. enjoy shopping atjcp

  109. Marv Berman, San Diego, CA Says:

    At Fashion Valley store in San diego, CA, sales associate, HECTOR CONTRERAS, was superb. He ran around locating multiple items and sizes all over the 2nd floor, and then went to the 1st floor to get gift boxes. He even helped us carry out all of our purchases. HECTOR CONTRERAS made our experience sp pleasant. He made your store look so good. Thank you, HECTOR CONTRERAS.

  110. Pam Sandidge Says:

    We had family photo’s made and Sandra was so nice and helpful.

  111. Bobby Chance Says:

    You have the best the prices for the types of things we use around our home.

  112. Bobby Chance Says:

    I love your store you are the best the prices is very good
    now my house will look like a model home, its very close from my house

  113. Rebecca Says:

    Everyone was very helpful with us in picking out our new blinds and shades. We will be back again

  114. I always enjoy shopping at JCP Says:


  115. NINO Says:


  116. Braimah Momoh Says:

    I love shopping in jcpenney,because they have good sale.Today in shoes dept the sales man where so good and they make me confortable

  117. Camille McDermott Says:

    Has a serious glaze cracking causing a mold problem with the Pfaltzgraff, Garden Sunrise, Made in China, brand of dishes.
    Took them to JC Penny store and spoke with Josh Spivack, the manager of the store.
    Within one hour he had solved the problem and we were on the way home with new dishes.
    Wonderful service

  118. bledi Says:

    just like to say that i had this great service at pick up store counter in The Boulevard Ctr
    3542 S Maryland Pkwy, in Las Vegas from a lady called Phyllie hope i got her name right. she was so smiley, helpful and worming and the same time, i guess service like that kind of sticks on your mind. Many thanks

  119. Mary Ann Clayton Says:

    I enjoy shopping at Penny’s. There is something for everyone. The sales people are always so helpful and friendly.

  120. Marie Broze Says:

    Love shopping at Penneys. Have great people there .

  121. Yvette Kuiper Says:

    Edgar Guzman provided me with outstanding customer service! Eastridge Mall San Jose, Ca

  122. Ruby J VanGerpen Says:

    I always find the clerks to be very helpful and friendly. Diana saved me a lot of time by directing me to the section I needed.

  123. Maria romero Says:

    i really love the dresses there they are really nice and comterable

  124. Nancy l Says:

    very pleasant assoicate Andrea helpled in the jewelry department to find the earrings i wanted! excellant customer service1 keep her there! she takes pride in her work!

  125. Marcy Peters Says:

    shopping at jcpenny is a pleasure

  126. Rola salem Says:

    Mrs. Amal Kandah was a wonderful employer. She is very friendly person. She helped me very fast and she does not let people wait for so long on the register. She treats all her customers with respect despite their ages, gender, and race.

  127. Supinit / Sue Pistone Says:

    First time I walkk in Jcpenney at Brenham Tx./store:2143 Customer Service/Dolly help me to open jcpenney/Acct. Everybody Helpful & Friendly GREAT SERVICE. I appreciate 15% off.
    Normally I shop online. Now I need to go shop there more.

  128. Barbara Simons Says:

    The clerkKIM J> was very helpful to me.

  129. snaplink Says:

    I was in your store yesterday getting some things for my son, and this very nice lady Jessica Redmon was helping us out. She was so nice and knew everything about the store. I wasn’t really planning to buy anything, but she was so friendly that I finally did purchase some things for my son. Thank JC Penny for hiring such good people, that’s what makes shopping there such a pleasure.

  130. Susan Richeson Says:

    I was amazed at how “now”
    the JCP line of clothes was.
    I guess I had not been in there
    for about 3 years and was pleasantly surprised.
    I will shop at JCP from now on!


  131. Linda Overmyer Says:

    I enjoy shopping at pennies the people are so nice and the merchidise is great. I have not gotten anything at JCP that I didn’t like. My clerk today was a very nice gentleman his name was Scotte. Thank you keep up the good work

  132. cindy poci Says:

    Great help

  133. Rhonda Beck Says:

    Went to the JCP at Stonecrest Mall, GA and The customer service was excellent! They were very helpful in helping me find what I needed and after buying so much for our new home.. they had someone meet me and help me load my things into my car with no wait! Thank you all so much and I’ll be back soon!

  134. Mary Williams Says:

    Kay has been my hairdresser at JCP for many years. She is excellent at her job and I would never change. Yuridia mans the front desk and greets customers with a great big smile. Both Kay and Yuridia are superior in their respective jobs.

  135. Lois H. Says:

    Nice shopping experience at Paddock Mall in Ocala, FL. Sales person ready to assist.

  136. Tina Falcon Says:

    Thank you for the oppertunity to shop you store, but I believe there should be a better colletion of toys and men’s work boots.

  137. Doris Panek Says:

    While shopping today at JCPenny in Mesa Az. I purchased several items. Went next to the hair salon and purchased Hair products. The sales person the the Salon Sonya went out of her way to help us. She deserves some acknowledgement.

  138. carole bertoldo. Says:

    Sales people are very friendly and helpful

  139. Belle Says:

    I hate your new commercial with all the people screaming. If I were to shop at Penney’s, I certainly wouldn’t now because of that stinkin’ commercial

  140. Sharon Neidigh Says:

    I love shopping at your store, prices are great, sales people are outstanding but—–the comercial on TV isn’t entertaining, funny or even a pleasure to listen to: Its

  141. Herta Casey Says:

    i want to tell you your new screaming commercial is really anoying.
    What were you thinking?
    Enough is enough

  142. Wanda Says:

    Went to salon JCP in Macon Ga. i sat for an appointment waited 25 minutes. I was 10 minutes late (and called) my stylist had someone else in the chair when I arrived. Another stylist did my hair, she called my by the wrong name, and checked me out under the wrong name.
    Not a good visit.

  143. cheryl boocher Says:

    You are making a terrible mistake in selecting Ellen Degenerus to represent a business mostly supported by families!

  144. Felecia Avans Says:

    the store is so cool and the people are all so nice and helpfull

  145. mauricerivardsr Says:

    mr lee r was one of the best sales person .jc penny bangor should be proud

  146. Anna Anniello Says:

    I just love shopping at Penney
    that’s the only store i by all my cloths from. the price is right&
    they fit so perfect.yesterday I bought three outfits, pants
    jacket&blouse for only $128.00
    now that’s A bargain!!!

  147. DWF Says:

    February 26th, 2012 at 10:28 pm
    My recent visit to the El Con store in Tucson,AZ was most disappointing. I have shopped in the petite ladies dept for years. To my dismay I found almost all of the clothes dowdy. If I want elestic waisted slacks and dreary tops I can find plenty at Walmart for much less.

  148. Linda Bogle Says:

    Ilike shopping at jcp. because of the prices.The cashier Teeia was very nice and respectful when checking me out.

  149. Natalie Says:

    Courtney at Portraits was great with us today and squeezed us in on such short notice. we will definitely be back for more!

  150. Patricia Williams Says:

    Jcpenney’s is one of the best stores you ever shop at,they are very helpful and might i add very god at what they do.

  151. Sandra Says:

    Darlene Medina in the Salinas CA Fine Jewelry Dept was interested and most helpful. She went out of her way to help me and be a satisfied customer.

  152. Vickie W Says:

    Peggy, the associate, that helped us was very knowledgeable and helpable.

  153. Elizabeth J. Bradford Says:

    I have a weekly hair appointment at the Las Vegas JCP salon store on Grand Canyon Drive.
    I have my receipt (and code number)and have been trying to complete the “survey” however I cannot seem to find it. The JCP Salon is great. My hair stylist is SUPER and the receptionist is always cheerful. I need to draw your attention to the chairs for the washing of hair, they are most uncomfortable and most likely to give your entire body a shower, please take a look and try it yourself. Thank You. Ms. Bradford

  154. Sandra V Rehman Says:

    Hey guys I enjoy shopping at jc penny and now am not only going to enjoy it even more..am going to love it every min I do enter your store with your makeup Sephora I love it..I had a Great time shopping for Sephora makeup an awww feel in love with Hello kitty items I bought ..I was in such a hurry that I was late for work..and leaving jc penny feeling so heartbroken my time thier was totally robbed from me I felt as if I just walked in and omg I have to go so soon..awwwwwww but I did grab some palets for me and my friends ..and the hello kitty brush set Awsome..and am off today ..its going to be great day for me to go back shop again ..thier where so many people that day ..such a crowd..but am so going to be thier again ..see you soon..an so getting ready for take off ..see you guys soon xoxox..

  155. Jeanette Myers Says:

    I wanted to fill out the survey but one web site would not open and said time session expired and then another said I had to install cookies in order to complete the survey–why does this have to be so complicated?? You should have a simpler way to complete a survey which I never got to. I am not a computer pro and am a novice.

  156. jennifer Says:

    I went upstairs at the st.cloud store to get a dress for my little girl I was helped out right away asking if I could use some help she asked what size my daughter wore she found it right away and at a great price for what I was looking for!! :)

  157. greg wells Says:

    I don’t often post comment yet these 3 woman deserve merrit. Amber D,Michelle B and Kathy altough busy went out of their way to help us buy a suit for our son.What was impressive is that we didn’t have to ask for help. These types of employee’s are far and few between.

  158. Mary Watson Says:

    Giuseppina, at the Sephora counter, in the Monmouth Mall, was so helpful. She took the time to show me how to apply different makeup. She was so patient in answering all my questions.

  159. Stephen A. Vickers, Sr. Says:

    I will never shop JC Penney again. When you start promoting abominable lifestyles instead of products, I’ll take my money elsewhere.

  160. Sherry Current Says:

    My Grandson is 2. I had his hair put in Cornrows. His first visit anywhere.He was shaking. Half way through the process he cried with hiccups. Brittany was doing his hair. The girls there ran over, one with a toy car another with 2 suckers.last girl gave him water. I took a sweet picture.They are the best!
    access code:2284 382 8243 062112 1700 5

  161. Mary Bernatz Says:

    Love the new pricing! Shopped at the Eugene, OR store this week in several in departments..great service and prices!!

  162. lisa mithchel Says:

    Fairview Heights IL store is horrible the managers/supervisor are no where to be found when called to floor for customer assistance they dont greet there customers but expect the sales associate to do so when they cant do there own responsibility. they can do all the changes they want to the inside of the store but they cant change their attitudes because they just need new better managers.

  163. Lucy Says:

    Patrice In the Sephora Whitemarsh store is patient, friendly and professional.

  164. Kathryn Hammons Says:

    recently shopped at jcp at Penn Square-okc,ok helped by Rachel who was very knowlegable of the product

  165. Marie Beaver Says:

    visited your Great Lakes Mall store yesterday.. Terry B was my sales consultant..and was excellent in helping me find items I was looking to buy.
    pleasant, helpful,nice smile.. you can be proud of how she represents JCPenney.
    Aug. 3,2012

  166. Margaretta Johnson Says:

    i walked into JcPenney located in Green Acres Valley Stream and was not greeted by any employee. i walked down to the woman’s department and was well greeted by a lovely employee by the name of Maribel . She helped me find a few tops and assisted me with finding my size in jeans. i noticed that she was really busy putting out merchandise but she still made time to help me. because of her great welcome and help i will continue shopping at jcpenney in valley stream. `

  167. Sharon Clawson Says:

    I am a breast cancer survivor and I received you free haircut and style today. Renae did a wonderful job styling my hair. It was a great experience. Thank you for thinking of us.

  168. Harold Richardson Says:

    My 83year old mother wanted to go shopping at Carson Citys JC Penney. She can barely walk 5o yards without a rest. JC Penney associate Tammy realized this and asked what mom wanted then guide mom to a place to sit and brought many items to her doing all the leg work. Wow!! real service, true courtesy.Congratulations!! JC Penney all the staff were good but Tammy was a delightful suprise

  169. Julie Says:

    My last visit to Penneys I was informed that they were updating the store. What a disappointment. They selection in boys (5T) and womans PJ’s was really poor. I could not find one christmas gift for my family. All this skinny clothing, yuck. Give me the old Pennys back. I must say all the sales associates were helpful and happy.

  170. Kim Says:

    At busy time of the year, you need more one on one help, with finding what you need.

  171. Tracey Henderson Says:

    Over the past year I feel the quality and style of your clothes have just plummited!! I went to JC Penney last night to look for a new outfit for work, and I paced the store in almost disbelief in what I was seeing. I found two items that I “sort of” liked and neither fit well. I’m very disappointed in the direction your store has taken and the downfall of the quality you offer. :o (( I used to love your store..sure wish I could again!

  172. Donald Jarvis Says:

    we like the items and prices

  173. Diana Torta Says:

    The sales people were great but I don’t like the new set ups for the store. PLEASE go back to having more merchandise to choose from. I do like your new button promotion.

  174. James Bookout Says:

    When I visited the Willowbrook location in Houston I was assisted by a very professional and effecient Sales Rep. her name is Kiara H. I was = am impressed with her open and friendly service. If all of JC Penny’s service people were as considerate and able as Kiara H. there would be alot less stores open as competition for JC Penny. I plan to go back often and I hope that Kiara H. finds her career at JC Penny, no doubt she will eventually find her way to the top.-JRB-

  175. Ken c Says:

    I recently became disabled with a leg injury. As soon as we entered JCP Jade Spencer at the fox hills location in Culver city offer us a wheel chair. My partner and I were in shock we had not expected that level oh hospitality. We did not plan to shop at JCP, however turned out we only made purchases at JCP. Thank you again Jade!

  176. vivian v.i Says:

    jcpenny the one in Hwy 290 @ skinner the one i stopped by. My visit that time was great and very well attended with the help of Mandy.. she is one of the kind person, so friendly.. thanks again..

  177. Jim Christensen Says:

    I visited the JC Penny in Algonquin, IL on Friday, Dec.14th. My wife and I were attended to by two really helpful and nice people. Their names were Paola and Annette. They were in the Sephora, cosmetic area. I was impressed. They distinguish your store with their customer service.

  178. Jim Christensen Says:

    I visited the JC Penny in ALgonquin, IL on Sunday, Dec.16th. A person by the name of Nancy in the Jewelry section took care of me. I was extremely pleased with the service that Nancy provided me. She obviously understands what good customer service means and provides it. She was friendly, patient, and helpful. She provided a very positve shopping experience. She’s good adverstisement for the store. I apologize I also dealt with a cashier at the front of the store, I do not recall her name. It was at approximately 7:30 PM. She too was very pleasant. She handle my return.

  179. Bathesheba Says:

    I not only LOVE Sephora, but I LOVE the young ladies who work there;Shannon, Dione, Marche, and all the others. They are so very knowledgable of ALL the products. And very friendly and approachable.They all have humorous and happy personalities. They are very professional in the application of makeup. They are TOP NOTCH Makeup Artists.

  180. Nikki Berry Says:

    I had a great experience at the sephora store. I learned so many things about your products and how to use makeup more effectively. The young lady was so helpful and patient with my questions that I had

  181. Sharon Darlene Jones Says:

    I was given a gift cards from some friends of my from the cancer center for being a good pateian for radiation treatments and I went. To spend it that same day I got it and found me a backpackpocketbook for 25.00 dollars that I been winging one and I love it its gray and soft leather .

  182. Joseph Bandyk Says:

    We have been shopping at the J. C. Penney store in the Fox Valley Mall for over 30 years since moving to Naperville, IL. The last several times we shopped at the store, a sales associate named Popy has served as cashier for us. Normally, we do not respond to surveys, but in this case we think it is most appropriate. As an employee, Popy is very welcoming, always has a big smile, is extremely courteous and always very helpful. My wife even comments that Popy folds the clothing as if she were folding it to put in her own drawers at home. This is not just a one-time occurrence but it has been the same experience every time she provided us customer service. We feel she is an exemplary representative of customer service and should be a role model for all of your associates. Being a retired VP of Human Resources I would hire a person like Popy in an instant. Congratulations on a great hire!

  183. sharon fein Says:

    Genara, at your Northridge, Ca ladies dept was awesome. I couldn’t find the size in pants that I needed, so she used the computer to find out if you had them in stock. Yes! She located what I needed in the stock room and brought them to me. I purchased all three pairs.Thank you,Genara.

  184. Linda Moss Says:

    Had a wonderful experience shopping for dress clothes for my son. He has had a growth spurt and I had no idea what size dress shirt and pants he needed. Kycia was ready with a tape measure and had the knowledge ti fit him into exactly what he wanted. Britney rang us up and we had a grwat experience getting him outfitted.
    Thank you ladies. That was painless.

  185. Frank M. Says:

    At your Plaza las Americas store in Puerto Rico i received great help on a day i didn’t have much time to buy a present. Amarilis Berrios saved my day and reputation at home. It will be my stop when in San juan.

  186. Gloria E smith Says:

    Michael P was very friendly tries to please the customer

  187. Forrest Wayne Says:

    I just finished shopping at JC Penney’s in the Sugar Land, Tx. mall. Anna was my sales person and she bent over backwards helping me find what I was looking for. I want to commend Anna and JC Penney’s for making my shopping special. I will be back for more shopping and I will also tell my friends about your great customer reception. Thanks again!

  188. Jordan R. Says:

    Just got back from your Boulevard Mall location in Las Vegas.Angela waited on me and was very helpful.Good Employee

  189. Pilar Martinez Says:

    Muy bueno. Me gusta mucho el modo en que se expone. Un abrazo!

  190. julie carey Says:

    Soni at 2349 store assoc.0564 was very pleasant and I like the new outlay of the JC Penny stores and shop at one what ever city I am in.

  191. patrick wilson Says:

    The men’s department is the best to find clothes that I like. The luggage department is terrific and I always buy at JCP. The jewelry is great for gifts for my family. Also Gift cards work really well here at JCP. I have been shopping JCP since l948. Thanks for so many great products. Also I buy watches here also, they are great.

  192. patrick wilson Says:

    I’ve bought luggage, T-shirts, watches, jewelry and gift cards for years. You have the best selections for me. Thanks. Pat

  193. patrick wilson Says:

    I was waited on by Brenda, she was a delight today, 13th May 2013. I got everything I needed. The was cooperative informed and a caring. Thanks, Pat

  194. sami&jihan khoury Says:

    on the day of 05-15-2013 we where shopping at jcpenney#2457 destiny usa the store moving every thing around we got lost young men help us first time he walk with us all the then in the shoe dept.help us and help us to get the new white card he was very nice to us we love his way thanks from both of us,Sami & Jihan khoury.

  195. Maurita Fisher Says:

    Jordan (assoc# 0638 at Sephora) gave my daughter and I the best customer service encounter that we have ever experienced!!!
    He spent over an hour helping us match our make-up. He was very knowledgeable in all of the products and which ones go best together, along with other face products.
    Our experience was so wonderful that when we come over to Spokane from Montana we will call before hand to make sure he is working so that we can have Jordan be the associate that helps us. (Spokane Valley Mall)
    Thanx again Jordan for all of your help:)

  196. Linda B. Merten Says:

    Bring back the east5th sheer caress kneehighs. They wear longer and better than Silk Reflections.

  197. Vivian Says:

    Would love for you to begin carrying again your east5th sheer caress Silky Sheer hosiery. I’ve worn your pantihose for years and years and am very disappointed that you only carry Hanes. I do not like Hanes!

    Thank you.

  198. E F Hinton Says:

    Bev at the Muncie In. 253 store was very helpful, very nice employees. But your stores are not what J.C Penneys use to be get back to the basics.access code0253 370 3120 o61213

  199. Marilyn Rooney Says:

    I found a dress on your web site that was out of stock, but it was available at 1 of your stores. I went to the North Riverside store and an associate named Star was very helpful in finding this dress for me in the size I needed. She did a wonderful job and was very pleasant. I appreciate her help very much.

  200. Maybritt Dodge Says:

    Jane Golliday helped me save $$$ by encouraging me to sign up for the JC Penny credit card. Thank you Jane!

  201. Rosalyn F. Lomax Says:

    Cecily at Store # 1377 was pleasant, well-informed, and helpful. She should give lessons in good customer service! I left the store tonight feeling so good about JC Penney and my purchases. Wish every associate in every store where I shop were as nice as Cecily. (I love the three garments I bought also!)

  202. Carmen M. Martinez Morales Says:

    JCPenney es una de mis tiendas favoritas.Siempre encuentro buenas ofertas y la ropa esta disenada para mi. Es como si me la hicieran a mi gusto. Una de mis areas favoritas son los articulos para cocina y bano. Wau!!!!!!

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